WAM Centre for Ascension believes that Ascension is not just for human beings.  Given that we are all ONE, Corporations/Businesses  and Governments play a key role in setting the framework by which society operates.

Businesses traditionally have viewed profit as the primary measure of success.  Money is energy and we believe that one measure of a business’s success is certainly monetary.  But that’s not where we believe a businesses and governments should stop.  Yes, businesses have made progress over the decades by incorporating the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility into their business plans and values statements, however, if the true governing minds (a Corporation’s Directors or our elected officials) desire a path to ascension, should this not also be extended to the organization for which they are responsible?  The same can be said for governments, after all, they are a body of individuals elected by the people.

The Spiritual Responsibility Designation (SRD) is the underlying approach to business and government whereby spiritual principles lead the pursuit of profit and model of good governance.

The debate about whether spirituality is appropriately incorporated in business and government is extraneous to the practicalities that spirituality already exists.  For instance, in North America, we have legislated the celebration of Christian holidays as being worthwhile and legitimate opportunities to take a day off.  This very simple example is just one of many, which highlight that we already incorporate spirituality into corporations and governments.  Further, corporations and governments are impacted by spiritual principles by the very fact that they are extensions of the people running them.  They are not mutually exclusive and should not be treated as such.

WAM Centre for Ascension has made its mandate to lead with spiritual principles first knowing that the rewards (be it monetary or something else) will flow naturally and in accordance with the universal law of attraction.

Ascension is in the doing and by leading by example.  WAM Centre for Ascension has developed the SRD approach and works with governments, board’s of directors, stakeholders, staff and shareholder’s to implement same.  We offer on and off-site training and mentoring to help your organization mindfully incorporate spiritual principles into daily business and governance.

To learn more about the SRD approach, contact Katherine at 403-604-6611.