WAM Centre for Ascension believes that there are other ways for people to find peace in conflict.  We know that that the current forms of traditional conflict resolution do not necessarily help people at a personal level.  While these forms of conflict resolution my result in a decision, we find that many people may not feel the issue has been resolved from a personal/emotional perspective.

The Conscious Conflict Resolution Program (CCR Program) is designed to assist our clients accept where they are in their litigation or other conflict situation so that they can find acceptance in the midst of their conflict.  The CCR Program offers a different perspective from what is traditionally provided by the legal profession (mediation, arbitration, litigation) and by therapists.  We incorporate elements of conscious healing and awareness so that our clients can truly move on.  A BIG key is Responsibility and Forgiveness.

Is the CCR Program right for you?

  • If you are an individual or couple experiencing difficulty coming to a resolution in any matter, be it litigation, business or personal, there is conflict.  The CCR Program is right for you if you are experiencing any of the following:
    • sleepless nights, stress, loss of appetite, over eating, excessive drinking or substance abuse, depression, anxiety
    • fear of the outcome
    • anger or resentment
    • there is a delay in your litigation
    • conflict is ongoing and there is no end in sight
    • inability to want to move matters forward
    • This list is not exhaustive, but designed to help you recognize that you may need help dealing with your conflict.
  • If you are in the Legal Profession or Law Firm interested in offering your team/client’s with a different approach to conflict resolution.

Not Just Litigation

The CCR Program is for you even if your are not in the midst of litigation.  If you are having problems resolving any sort of conflict, the CCR Program can help.

Not Mediation

The CCR Program is not mediation.  It is a program designed for the legal profession, individuals, couples or businesses struggling to find a resolution and sessions happen independent of any litigation.   If you’re a couple looking for help, both parties may attend the sessions, however, not all sessions will be conducted together.

What is the Cost & Process?

Your program is tailored specifically to you or your organization and include sessions with our various independent consultants.  Program costs range depending upon what level of engagement you choose: Personal (one to one) or attend  The Responsibility Quotient: A Key to Forgiveness and Managing Conflict Live Event.

The private CCR Program lasts approximately 6 week’s, with the option to continue with our programs and workshops should you feel you need a bit more assistance or you’re just interested in further growth.

What Are the Rates of Success?

You will see results if you have the willingness.  After completing the CCR Program you WILL feel better and have a new outlook on your life.

For more information, contact katherine@wamhealingcentre.com.

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