Addiction & Recovery

WAM Centre for Ascension works with clients who struggle and suffer with chemical and behavioural dependencies. No two people are the same, therefore we utilise a multidisciplinary approach in developing specialized treatment programs and workshops.


We work with both the individual and families affected by addiction.  There is an epidemic of addiction across North America and our aim is to fill the void between treatment centres, psychotherapy, and struggling to quit all alone that there are more ways for people to seek help!


We also work with those affected by the dependencies when appropriate, including organizations, companies and firms and their employees/management teams through training and awareness.  With our specialized workshops and individual sessions, we offer mindful and comprehensive solutions and tools to help you and your staff/team understand addiction and recovery, heal and navigate this sensitive area.

Addiction effects all aspects of our society.  Many organizations do not fully appreciate the cost of addiction in the workplace.  Some consequences include: financial loss, reduced employee/staff productivity and discrimination.

Both David Lewry and Katherine Kowalchuk counsel and coach in this field.

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