Katherine is a speaker, spiritual coach, co-founder of WAM Centre for Ascension and the creator of the Conscious Conflict Resolution Program and WAM Consciousness Program.  Katherine is also a lawyer by trade and is based out of Calgary, Alberta where she has practiced for over 15 years in various areas, including Family Law and Divorce. Katherine’s most recent project is Veritas Coalition, a political forum for anyone who is interested in getting to the truth.

Katherine’s message and formula is simple but, more often than not, difficult to achieve:


Katherine is passionate about exploring different and meaningful ways to help you accept responsibility and experience forgiveness, which in turn will reduce or eliminate the conflict in your life.  She provides an effective, holistic approach to healing her clients in more ways than through mainstream offerings, such as, therapy, mediation, arbitration or litigation. She tells it like it is and takes her clients on a journey into meaningful self-exploration that transforms their perspectives about RESPONSIBILITY, FORGIVENESS  AND MANAGING CONFLICT.

For more information about Katherine’s Live Workshop click on The Responsibility Quotient: A Key to Forgiveness and Managing Conflict.

For more information about having Katherine speak at your event, contact us at katherine@wamhealingcentre.com or call 403-604-6611.


Katherine’s Clients


  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Legal Services Providers (i.e. paralegals)
  • Law Firms
  • Law Societies/Organizations


  • Couples and Individuals experiencing conflict
    • Divorce/Separation
    • Relationships
    • Death
    • Job Loss
    • Addiction
  • Government/Corporate/Executive
  •  Spiritual Coaching
    • Business Owners/Employers
    • Employee’s
    • Stay-at-Home Parents
    • Life/Relationship


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