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Katherine Kowalchuk, BA, LLB


Katherine Kowalchuk is a Speaker, Spiritual Coach and Lawyer. Katherine offer’s non-traditional and traditional forms of conflict resolution and has developed the Conscious Conflict Resolution Program (CCR Program™).

Katherine has been practicing law for over 15 years in Calgary, Alberta. Over the past 6 years, she has focused almost exclusively on Family Law.  While Katherine continues to deliver family legal services to her clients, as a Strategic Interventionist, she will help you uncover the obstacles holding you back and standing in the way of living a life of purpose.

Katherine is also a recovered alcoholic and her journey with her own recovery and experience with family law matters has given her with particular insight into healing, which can only be learned through experience.

Katherine works with her clients and encourages them to think differently and do differently.  She shares her experience, strength and hope with her clients to foster an immediate connection.

Katherine’s approach is holistic and embodies techniques and disciplines endorsed by WAM, to assist her clients grow, heal, innovate and seek.

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