David Lewry, RSW

As a social worker, I have worked in many areas of the human services field since 1999.

My introduction to social work came as program director of Inn From The Cold Society; a family homeless shelter in Calgary, Alberta. Working in the downtown core office providing intake and sheltering services around the city. I was responsible for intake evaluation, program management, and triage for both families and individuals seeking food, shelter, and support both during their stay and once they moved into housing.

From the initial evaluation and needs assessment; crisis evolved from the basic needs to mental health, addiction, and other interpersonal difficulties which individuals face on a daily basis whether housed or experiencing homelessness.

Some of these circumstances were a direct result of chronic and acute homelessness. Many of the crisis addressed potentially created the vulnerability which led to being without a home after developing established, unhealthy psychosocial routines for many years.

I spent many hours working with parents, families, and individuals who found themselves in crisis both while living on the street (shelter level) and making the transition into both short (transitional) and long term housing.

In some instances, we intervened prior to homelessness, addressing many symptoms of addiction, mental health, and social difficulties before they became circumstance altering and family dissolving.

During my time as a social worker, I have worked with the severely intoxicated, providing overnight care in a wet facility. The main purpose of the facility was to ensure all persons received food, shelter, and compassionate supervision while being severely intoxicated.

I have also worked as a addictions counsellor in a treatment facility providing daily guidance for individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol, drugs and compulsive negative behaviors. I regularly spoke to small, medium, and large crowds regarding recovery from addiction.

I presently work as a contract social worker providing counselling, group treatment seminars, funeral services, and regular public speaking regarding recovery from alcohol, drug, and behavioral dependency.

I developed and studied interviewing skills in University and in the field working as a social worker. I also worked at skill development while moonlighting as a loss prevention investigator and as a Special Constable with Calgary Transit.

Throughout my career, I have studied suicide intervention, awareness and support for those experiencing ideations. I have focussed on addiction, mental health, and life skill development for almost twenty years. In that time I have attended may seminars as well as facilitating seminars, group treatment, and individual coaching.