I am responsible. I am responsible to hold people accountable for their words and actions. Our character is defined by what we do when we think no one is looking…and in the locker room….and in our texts/tweets, …and with our family/friends etc.. This list is not exhaustive. The US election epitomizes how truly ill our society is. What happened to basic respect and civility? And not just for one another, for ourselves. So you say you’re sorry! What’s next? Sorry only works when you’re willing and able to not do the same thing again for which you are sorry. Was Hilary right?…if the tape had been the only thing Trump had to apologize for then perhaps we could excuse/forgive/overlook it? Maybe, but it’s not the only thing. This thread of blatant disrespect and selfishness is Trump’s Character. Plain and simple. When we overlook this behavior we are complicit in this behavior. But Trump isn’t the only person. I see it in my profession as a lawyer and have experienced this in my personal life. We have a choice to overlook bad character or stand up and say NO, not today, not ever. I love and respect both myself and my children too much to just remain quiet and complacent.

Look, I’m not looking for perfection. We all make mistakes and I am a huge proponent for forgiving and I truly believe people can change IF THEY ARE WILLING. BUT, you don’t get to say sorry and proceed to conduct yourself in the same manner with impunity. Words matter, behavior matters, diplomacy matters, character matters. I expect that the society in which I live and the people I choose to surround myself will hold people and institutions accountable for the things they say, their promises/commitments and their behavior. Our character is formed by our values, behaviors and belief’s and I expect our leaders will embody fundamental values of love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and tolerance. I expect that they will have decency and self respect and respect for all people. I expect the same for the people with whom I choose to associate. Let’s not be complacent with these expectations.


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