If you are completely honest, do your actions align with your words?

Honesty and trust are the most basic and fundamental elements of a relationship. This is not an opinion but fact. Without this foundation, when words don’t match actions, trust is eroded, conflict ensues and relationships fail.

Words are powerful but one’s words must match one’s behaviour if one is to be believed. This is how trust is built and what breathes life into a relationship. It is by this congruent alignment of words and actions do we measure the strength of one’s character, integrity and the relationship.

We have a choice whether to accept people in our lives, regardless if their behaviour is inconsistent with their words. We are responsible for our decisions and each decision comes with reciprocating consequences. When trust is broken, conflict is not only a tangible byproduct of the relationship, it evokes internal and personal conflict.

While we can strive to be compassionate, understanding and tolerant of others, there comes a point when we have to look honestly at our own personal values and determine whether the incongruous situation aligns with these values. Each relationship requires compromise and forgiveness, however, there will come a time when the distinction between compromise for the relationship and forsaking one’s own values becomes blurred.  This blurred line is the personal conflict we feel internally.

In order for us to bring this blurred line into focus, we must be sure about our own personal values.  We must become honest with ourselves.  This self reflection, if done thoroughly and honestly, will reveal our bright line (bottom line and define our line in the sand). Once the bright line is before us, our ability to take responsibility for our own decisions becomes easier.  Upon having determined our bright line, we then have a choice whether or not to accept the situation.

The CCR Program can help you find your bright line.  Let us help you take back your power and live an authentic life where your bright line shines.

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Where Is Your Bright Line?
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