What the world needs now is love (inspiration, courage and revolutionary thinking).  There is nothing more true right now than this statement.  Thanks DeShannon for your lovely presentation.  So simple a song but yet, so powerful.  I woke up this morning with this song swirling in my head (I added the part about inspiration, courage and revolutionary thinking :)).  How interesting that this 1965 ballad was top of mind this morning….and now, back to reality!  But isn’t our reality what we think and how we act?  I don’t want to be discouraged about our world.  I wish to see endless possibilities and take comfort knowing that we all want a world where love, compassion, abundance and truth are at the forefront.  The underpinnings of society are rooted in our values.  I want to live my life and in a world where Love, Compassion, Truth, Honour, Acceptance, Innovation and Courage guide me.  I don’t think this is lofty or unattainable.  Yes, we must turn our minds to the economy, safety and sustainability.  But do you not believe that by living a life in which Love, Compassion, Truth, Honour, Acceptance, Innovation and Courage permeate our decision making, a balanced, abundant and fair economy is not achievable?  Safety and sustainability certainly would not be an issue, since we would all live in such harmony that neither these, nor our economy, would be in jeopardy.  This is the world I chose to believe in.  I fall short some days however, and wonder how a world like this is possible given its complexities, driven by misguided values.  It’s a wonder I can leave my house some days.  But, if I stay aligned and focused on the endless possibilities the universe has to offer; when I cling to a world guided by Love, the fear subsides and I have faith that all will be good, safe and sustainable.

Our society must focus on the above tenants if we are to survive.  Yes, Survive.  Humanity is at a crossroads.  We must chose wisely, the path in the fork in the road.  One path leads to a world based in love, abundance, compassion and survival; the other leads to destruction, starvation, homelessness, lack and fear.  Yogi Berra said “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. I caution humanity in its choice, for I truly believe that there are two paths facing us right now and our decisions about which path to take at this fork in the road will seal our fate.  I’m not alone in this prediction.  I do not say this to incite fear.  Many spiritual leaders and thinkers believe the same.  I’m sure that when any one person is asked what is important to them, love, compassion and acceptance underscores their answer. At the individual level, this is what we all want. Do we not teach our children, do unto others as they would have do unto us?  If this is the case, how is it that our society, policies and laws do not reflect this?

So, where is this rant going? If we want a world where homelessness and hunger are not an issue; where all humans live in abundance and safety, then we need a leader who is inspirational and revolutionary. We need a leader who can deliver this hope; someone who can lead us in this direction.  The current constructs of our society are rooted in fear.  I don’t have enough and how can I get more?   I work hard, so why should my tax dollars support those who don’t…and so on.  Our world as we know it is shaped by our laws and policies.  They are the foundation by which we govern our lives.  However, our laws are reactionary and cater to the lowest common denominator…fear.  If you don’t believe me, just look at Bill C-51.  The primary reason for its existence is because we feel we need to protect the safety of our citizens.  This is true whether you support it or not.

What if we could do things differently?  What if we could erase fear from our consciousness and believe in a world of love, peace, acceptance and abundance? What if our laws and policies mirrored these values?  Imagine (thanks John Lennon). This is what I dream about and if I am a dreamer, so be it.

On October 19, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were elected to form a majority government for Canada.  This was no small feat.  It takes determination, faith and perseverance, among other things, to claw back from their devastating defeat in 2011. Congratulations to the Liberal Party of Canada.  Does Justin Trudeau have it in him to be inspirational, courageous and revolutionary?  I hope so.  My hope is that the Liberal Party will imagine a world where there is no fear and anything is possible.  I hope that the they look at the very root of our laws and policies; make decisions and put forward policies mindful of the world we say we want to live in and don’t.





What The World Needs Now Is Love (Inspiration, Courageous and Revolutionary Thinking!)

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