WAM Centre for Ascension’s (formerly WAM Healing Centre) mandate is to explore various thoughts, principles and beliefs, from multiple disciplines, so that you may know our life’s purpose; so that we can all find serenity, peace of mind, abundance and re-connect with Source. For each of us, this will be different, as is our journey.  Our belief is that if you have a willingness to integrate love, forgiveness and service into your life you will experience profound changes, including greater happiness.


Our hope is to incorporate various sources of information from different disciplines, including science, organizations, metaphysical teachings, esoteric modalities and more. No stone will be left unturned. Each team member is specifically trained in their own field and embody the Values of WAM.


Our Services include Spiritual Coaching sessions, speaking, live events, support groups, studies and Energy Healing & Balancing.


Our world as we know it is hard and based on the false construct that we are limited. It expects high performance and it is unforgiving; at least this is what main stream society would have us believe. On the contrary, we believe that we already have everything we need, embedded in each of us and we can access it, if we want it and have a willingness to be honest and open. We can access this energy at any time and we can co-create our destiny so that we live our time on this amazing planet with purpose. We will always have a choice however.  This is our free will.  It will be the decisions we make and the beliefs that we have about ourselves that will define who we are and our life’s purpose. No body or thing can define this for us. The sooner we believe this to be true, and act accordingly, the sooner we are on the road to experiencing serenity, peace, abundance and living our life’s purpose. We hope that you will join us in this journey of open and honest exploration.

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